Chasing his dream, reaching for the scraps to achieve his goal, Daniel truly creates metalmagic from waste destined to be recycled.
Every creation is as individual as the artist himself. No plans, sketches or pre-thought, as that limits the free-flow, it just comes to life as it is being created.


Latest Works

Currently Daniel Brunner is hard at work on welding together the odd piece of inspiration to what may eventually become an ant eater come hyena.

This body of work is unplanned and unstructured at present, but with time it shall mould into another new Daniel Brunner surprise. Isn't that what life is meant to be all about… surprises.

Daniel Brunner will keep you posted on the updates and happenings of this pieces as it continues to grow through its metamorphosis.

Upcoming Events

9 May 2011
Imibala art gallery
18 Bright Street
Somerset West

For more info please contact Imibala on the following contact details:

Tel: (0)21 852 0418

Charity Events

Imibala's primary purpose is to raise money to sponsor tuition and school uniforms for underprivilaged primary school children in the Helderberg basin.

The Art centre seeks to raise the self esteem and offer an improved quality of life to disadvantaged children through art and creative interaction.
The Imibala restaurant is a well known up market destination in Somerset West.

Daniel Brunner and Greg Birch's artwork will be at the Imibala art gallery from the 9 May 2011 - 28 May 2011, 50% of all sales will go towards the Imibala.