Chasing his dream, reaching for the scraps to achieve his goal, Daniel truly creates metalmagic from waste destined to be recycled.
Every creation is as individual as the artist himself. No plans, sketches or pre-thought, as that limits the free-flow, it just comes to life as it is being created.


    Concept Process

    The process of Daniel's work is meant to be a natural cohesion between the artist and the art piece. If there is any feeling lacking in that regard, then it won't be created.

    Daniel's process is meant to be like play, completely free and unrestricted. It would be an unlikely scenario for Daniel to make commissioned pieces, as this would contradict and counteract the playful nature of his process and become "work" - "I like play, and when I get down to weld…I play.

    No plans. Plenty ideas that never result into any sort of fruition…. Just turn on the welder and switch off your mind", Daniel Brunner.

    Gathering Raw Materials

    Daniel highly frequents scrapyards for sources of parts to add onto his creations. Each selection is carefully hand picked by Daniel with regard to shape and form.

    He finds the potential in old junk and adds them into his growing workshop collection were it awaits to be given new life.

    Realizing the Vision

    Daniel has undergone various phases since having started his craft in 2000. In the begging the pieces were animate cartoonish characters with exaggerated features, then they progresses into more dinosauric creations with cyborg influences.

    In recent progressions the pieces have moved towards african wildlife using mixtures of wood and steel, and more presently a less is more aesthetic.

    For a period Daniel may continue working in this style or perhaps venture into a new phase that could attain to 4-dimensional pieces.